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About us

The inVENTer GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of decentralised ventilation systems with heat recovery in Germany. Our solutions for a controllable ventilation of living spaces are successfully installed all over Europe thousands of times.
The eco-friendly ventilation systems are displaying our aspiration for sustainability in every single product of ours. For almost 20 years now, we have been developing and creating products to provide ingeniously easy ventilation for our customers. Our contribution for healthy air in your home.

Products and services

A new generation of high-perfomance ventilation started in the summer of 2018:

Xenion is an innovative reversable ventilator which was developed espacially for decentralised ventilation systems. Xenion convinces through its high performance and its very quiet operation.
The innovative fan is implimented in the new super silent ventilation system with the patended acoustic insulation iV14-Zero and the iV-Smart+, which ist the most powerful fan of the compact class.

Due to the patent acoustic insolation the iV14-Zero is barely perceptible. It assures a standard sound level difference up to 56 decibels and an operating noise of 29 dB (A) to almost soundless 13 dB (A).

The new iV-Smart+ on the other side impresses with an air flow up to 58 m³/h . It is therefore the most powerful decentralised ventilation system currently available on the market within the class of fans with compact design.

Both new ventilation systems assure a heat recovery of 87%.



Due to the innovative patented acoustic insulation concept the iV14-Zero assures a standard sound level difference of 48 dB and an operating noise of 13 – 29 dB (A) – without reducing the air flow! Furthermore it provides a heat recovery of 87 %.



The new Xenion ventilator, developed by our research and development department, convinces through its high performance and its very quiet operation. The unique structure of the ventilator prevents the direct passage of external noises. Xenion is currently the heart of the new inVENTer fan generation iV14-Zero and iV-Smart+ and stepwise will get implemented in the whole inVENTer´s fan family.



The new iV-Smart+ with Xenion inside ist the most powerful fan of the compact class providing an air flow up to 58 m³/h. It consequently assures a heat recovery of 87%.


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