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SWISS KRONO OSB: The High-Tech Alternative to Particleboard

A lot of people ask about the benefits of OSB – and what makes it superior to conventional particleboard. SWISS KRONO OSB products are certified, high-performance boards that support a healthy indoor climate when used to construct buildings. Some of them are even food-safe and can therefore be used for packaging etc. Nevertheless, incorrect information about OSB products is occasionally circulated, especially regarding the differences between OSB and particleboard.

In recent years, particleboard has largely vanished from timber construction and DIY applications and been replaced by OSB, and there are many good reasons for this shisft. Unfortunately, various vendors are now attempting to market particleboard products under spurious names such as *SB, *FP and ***board while incorrectly claiming that these are both cheaper and better than OSB. However, they are comparing apples and oranges when contrasting particleboard values that they have measured themselves with OSB values established by DIN EN 300-compliant tests.

To clear up this confusion, here we present verifiable figures on SWISS KRONO OSB and particleboard to let you see the differences for yourself. You can use this information to objectively compare products and knowledgeably inform your customers about the benefits of OSB.

Exhibitor: SWISS KRONO GmbH

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